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Superstition Indonesia

In this article we present a set of local "superstitions" in Indonesia on daily life and the meaning of the signs of nature.

Avoid sweeping the house at night, as this would make it difficult to attract good fortune.

Avoid sewing a button on your T-shirt wearing, and how this causes a serious disease, not long after that would last for about a month and you woud always fail in your efforts to earn money.

Avoid combimg hair while walking, asThey are embarrassing themselves in a situation.

Avoid using the bathroom too long because I think your face could be old.

Avoid a bath or shower during the afternoon hours, accelerating the aging process like this.

An unmarried woman should avoid washing their hair in a Saturday like this to lead to a hard to find people to marry.

If you have a piece of chilli cayena into a cup for no apparent reason, this is a sign that a disaster is about. Occur

If someone cooks is too salty, this is a sign that the person is love and wants to marry.

Avoid eating rice from a small disk, because this is your close relationships that cause you despise.

Avoid eating out of the corner of a table, as this can cause problems with in-laws and your marriage, causing a wreck.

Eating at the door, as this causes a difficulty finding a spouse.

Children should avoid moving placeshave the table for a meal like this to lead to a step father or mother.

Children should eat a lot of chicken wings, if we want to visit abroad.

If you have an ugly when you are relying on the house - not you! Since this is a sign that something catastrophic occur for some time.

Avoid building a house in the north as this cause, not for the acquisition of wealth of the owner.

Avoid building a house, where an open field, as this will causeProperty Spendrift be.

Avoid building a kitchen to the front door, as this would lead to pain and suffering because of money.

Avoid the construction of a garage behind the house, as always result in unfortunate circumstances.

Avoid building a wall as high as 2-3 meters around the house, as this would be stranded by a bankruptcy and business associates.

Avoid building a pool at home, as this leads to misfortune and members ofFamily will be alternately infested with diseases.

Avoid building a house without a back door when the occupants are always wrong physically.

During a move, you should get some 'of soil from the garden of the old house and dust around the new order to perpetuate the harmony established.

Avoid causing scratches his head while sexually intimate, as in the past and defamation of individuals.

Avoid sexual organsThe spouse during transport, as such a bad result for one week.

Avoid sexual contact starts from the seventh month pregnency as this means that the child is unfaithful and disrespectful towards the parents.

Avoid slaughtering an animal when your wife is, how will the child born with a scar on his neck because pregnent.

Avoid hunting or torturing an animal, if your pregnent wife as this could cause your child to ensure that resemble the animal.

AvoidDislike someone intensely while pregnent as this means that your child is abhorrent to the characteristics of the adopted person.

Do not laugh at a disabled person during pregnency as this could cause your baby to be born disabled.

Avoid keeping a spoon with the salt container during pregnency as this may cause difficulties during labor.

Avoid standing in front of the door at night during pregnancy, since this attack can lead to negative sentiment for the fetus.

Avoid wearingearrings are from the third month of pregnency as this, you cause to dream with her husband, while in reality it is a nightmare intimate press it.

A man should avoid dining chairs, as this will be the wife of difficulties at work.

It 'a shame if a guest suddenly the birth at home, as bad luck. It is advisable to move quickly to the house.

We recommend opening the windows and doors of your home, so thatYour wife is the birth without complications.

It is advisable to cross the placenta of the newborn child somewhere buried in the ground by the back door of the house, so that the child will never be.

It is advisable to drink coconut water during the final stages of pregnancy, so that the child will be born beautiful.

It is not recommended a coffin, where it already sunk into the ground, as this could lead to a serious illness for research.

It 'should not seeclosed in a coffin and is nailed, as this could cause bad luck for a year.

Isa and 'should avoid the face after escorting a coffin to the grave, in order to pursue the Spirit will wash the dead.

If a lamp is switched off in a room where the deceased was held before the burial, indicates that another family member soon will face death.

E 'ISA advisable for a pregnant mother of beautiful images, so that the child would be born to look good.

It isadvisable for a pregnant mother during pregnancy, is not sad, because this would cause the child to be born to be a whiner.

I usually do not bite the lower lip, as it brings bad luck.

Avoid usually biting her upper lip, as this lead many of monetary obligations in life.

Keep it behaved like this would cause parents to cry quickly departed.

Prevent the abuse of a child, as such to determine a later date to be abused by those of her husband.

AvoidSinging or whistling during a meal causes an error in the efforts.

Not to beat a child on the buttocks, as later to lead to sexually hyperactive and would cause a lot of internal problems.

Avoid the payment of night, as this would result in disgrace and failure.

Women should avoid drawing the hair of the eyebrows, as this result in frgidity and the difficulty in acquiring sexual satisfaction.

Avoid cleaning the earsNight as this would lead to bad luck.

You should avoid whistling often in their homes, as this would have negative drive to win.

Should be avoided, handkerchiefs, a lover, as this could cause a rupture in the relationship.

Avoid images with an odd number of people present, as the quick death of a result of them.

Avoid opening umbrellas in the house, as this could lead to difficulties in life.

Avoid wiping his face with a shirtThis would result in the indifference of others towards oneself.

Avoid onseself often happens in the mirror, as this would lead other countries to get bored and repulsed with one.

Avoid swimming looks to others, as this may cause the eyes to swell.

Avoid a meal before the elders have done, as this would result in disaster.

Do not cut your hair in a house in the night, as such units would be negative, which appears in a dream win.

Avoidwith red or green swimwear at the beach, as this result in the wearer of a bride or bridegroom to spirit beings (Incubus, succubus).

Avoid shouting or vulgar words, while in the forest or desert, as this would lead to being obsessed with themselves from negative entities.

When you begin menstruation until Sunday you can meet an old friend.

If you start a menstrual cycle early Monday luck.

When you begin menstruation at a Tuesday, earlyEnjoy the next few days.

When you begin menstruation at a Wednesday soon clash with someone.

When you begin menstruation at a Thursday will soon experience the unfortunate incidents and will be much suffering.

When you begin menstruation at a Friday you will soon have fun.

When you start a menstrual cycle Saturday, there will soon be a pleasant surprise.

When a dog howls at midnight: a visit to the ancestral spirits.

When a dog barks, as ifWeeping at midnight signifies death in the family

When a dog howls spirit after midnight hike in the local terrestrial means.

They say that blood is a black dog, which is able to hunt ghosts.

It is recommended to pregnant women to protect a pair of scissors under the pillow while sleeping position against psychic attack and black magic.

Do not urinate at the foot of large trees, as on the tree spirits and leadin possession of himself.

Avoid keeping the dust of the ground or a tomb, as this spirit to the grave in relation to the place where the soil is always reason to pursue.

Placing red onions, red pepper and turmeric in a bag and hung above the door protects the house and family against black magic people and negative.

If a cat licks a foot means that someone close to us is a godsend for purchase within a month.
If a bird finds its way into his home, a marriagefamily.

When a butterfly finds its way into one'shome a visit from a visit to high average.

Avoid a cat a bath, as this result in storms and hurricanes.

Carry hollowless the rare piece of bamboo for Ward-off black magic.

It is recommended that the desires of a state at a falling star, so that it would come true.

It is advisable to swim in a lake under a full moon, since this is a source of great attraction.

It is advisable to sleepafter midnight to avoid psychic attacks.

You should avoid sleeping on the floor to psychic attack.

It is advisable to keep sacred objects in the house to protect his family.

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