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Japanese bath - a tradition for the future

A bathtub Japanese, sometimes a Ofuro, is about twice as large as a rule, like a standard American-style bathroom. Is often deeper and more rounded, the bather can sit comfortably with your knees bent. The water, which is kept at a high temperature, it is up to the chest of bathers. This is the position of relaxation and meditation, which makes it much aid the therapeutic experience of bathing.

The Japanese bath is quickly gaining popularity around the world. As peoplebe more interested in personal wellness and a healthy lifestyle through homeopathy and naturopathy, the Japanese bathing style perfectly compliments these ideas. The hot water stimulates the blood circulation and the positive impact on the overall health of body and mind.

Another advantage of this single tanks is that they tend to be much more compact - more profound, but no longer standing - and therefore ideal for spaces smaller than the standard size tubs. Can alsobe easily adapted to a walk-in tubs of style for the elderly.

Original style of Japanese bath has always been made of wood. Natural wood is said to add the therapeutic effect of the bath and was favored, especially in hot springs and spa facilities. Today, ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass and stainless steel are also available to perform a series of purse.

Baths in Japan are traditionally more likely to be washed by immersion. In fact, the actual washingYour tank is not seriously despised by most Japanese. Washing, cleaning and washing the hair will take before entering the pool and soak up to an hour in hot water. The body must be clean and pure, before bathing, as soap residue or dirt to contaminate the water.

In a public bath in Japan - which are still very popular and well worth a visit if you can never have the opportunity - the ritual and tradition and not difficult. What is a bit 'of research beforeand follow the guidance of the premises. The overall experience is certainly happy relaxing.

Observe the basic things that should not be used soap in the bath. No outside or "WC Shoes" (these are strictly for use in areas of sanitation and the changes as soon as you leave the area) is brought into the house bathroom. Bare feet are not really acceptable, because your feet must be clean, to bathe. Nudity is expected, and because male and female segregation is the norm, this is not a problem formost. Finally, the water is very hot - in the waters slowly and be careful.

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Wali Band - Kekasih Halal

DISCLAIMER: Song Clips and the property of their respective owners. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! EDITING I OWN NOTHING BUT MY! Wali Band - Kekasih Halal Wali band is a band from Indonesia, in Jakarta berdomisli. This band was founded in 2006. Members of 5 people is Faank (vocals), apoyen (guitar), Tomie (drums), Ovie (keyboards) and Nunu (bass). All these guys are graduates of boarding schools and some of them are graduates of Syarif Hidayattullah Jakarta. His first album was releasedOrang Bilang in 2008. The genre pop band in general, with a little touch of rhythm languish in their songs. Hit songs on this album is "Brother" and "Egokah I" as a model of game Jodoh Dear Shireen Sungkar clip is used, a second album from Band.Released Wali in 2009. Single-hits album tracklist and dear Jodoh 1.Cari Jodoh 2.Baik Baik 3.Kekasih Sayang Halal 4.Puaskah 5.Jodi 6.Yank 7.Adinda 8.Suka atau Tidak 9.Jangan Tuduh Aku It 10.Harga Diriku Please evaluate and comment and subscribe ifas .. TQ ..


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Lace Front Wigs set to exceed that in the tradition weaves Black British, American & African Women

Because first of Beyonce, Tyra Banks and Paris Hilton prefer the lace wig? Well, what is so exciting and inovativ on the top front or full lace wig system is that the material lace wigs hairline is constructed. This material is made of French lace or Swiss lace and it is virtually impossible with the naked eye when placed against the skin. The hair is knotted lace and appears to be growing from the scalp offering a natural appearance.

For over 30 years, women have the colorhave been weaving hair extensions on the head, in order to combat damaged hair, uncontrollable hair or simply to try a new style. This process could often) a long time (several hours to apply and, once an unnatural appearance. Removing may cause the fabric is often at odds shreddage and break the clutter.

But now there's a new hair extension technique sweeping the United States and quickly is always a sensation in Britain, Africa and Europe.

What is soexciting and innovative for the lace front or full lace wig system is that the material lace wigs hairline is constructed. This material is made of French lace or Swiss lace and it is virtually impossible with the naked eye when placed against the skin. The hair is knotted lace and appears to be growing from the scalp offering a natural appearance.

Only an upper front wig can be trusted to maintain the illusion of hair growth and is the preferred choice of celebrities, actors,and people in the media and is increasingly accepted by people with medical conditions hair

Traditionally in Africa / English and American women and patients are under medical treatment of primary consumers of hair products, but demand exceeded other segments of products that today are asking for instant hair in all its forms. This is partly due to a boost from celebrities like Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Lindsay.

First, the demand for hair extensions are time-limited consumerYou want a guide, looks like new-style options at different prices. Even with higher prices to sell items that are fashionable today, followers are willing to pay more for quality hair products. Producers are required with synthetic wigs and hair color and style that will last longer and more and more like "The Real Deal, mimicking the bounce, body, shine and light reflection of human hair. Products for hair today also show, of course of acting, of mixed colors, including emulationcomes from the roots and sun-kissed highlights. Also, if they come from synthetic or human hair, hair fashion is now made quickly and easily than they can take out as a carrier and a pair of earrings. Factor for the wide range of price points and there is a wig, hairpiece or extension to fit almost any budget.

U.S. manufacturers see sales expected to grow 30% to 50%, and suppliers with the United States market is now around 1.5 billion dollars between U.S. and5 billion U.S. dollars in retail trade. Hair, representing almost 70% of the value of the dollar and plastics account for about 80% of units sold. (beautystorebusiness.com, February 2006)

In India, hair products are produced when hot. The hair is now a global industry worth an estimated 160 million euros and a growth of 25 to 30 percent per year. (independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/religious-offering-faith-hope--and-western-vanity-428697.html)

Great Lengths, one of the largest producers and distributors ofHair Extension Products, said that its sales increased in the salons in the United States 35-50 percent per year since 2000, and it is expected that sales up to $ 30 million by the end of 2006. Company president, David Gold, has estimated that 95 percent of the market are women 30-70 years. (New York Times published September 28, 2005 by Elizabeth Hayti)

Black British women spend on average six times more than their white counterparts in terms ofHair and more than half attend regularly, a salon. Market researchers Mintel found that while the UK average of £ 83.97 per year for cosmetics black women spend £ 117.44 - and that does not include trips to the hairdresser or spending on traditional products that are not specifically hair afro.

All this leads to great business opportunities for the hair and beauty companies. The United Kingdom market for hair care products specially designed for black women in an amount of £ 36.5 million euros in 2002 andaccounted for 70% of the total beauty of black women. Current estimates put the number of 10 million pounds higher.

The world market for products, hair blacks, is now estimated at anywhere up to € 2.5 billion per year, with major markets in South Africa, Brazil, United States and Europe. The United States market, estimated by Mintel to 1 billion pounds, grew strongly by 13% over the last five years, and is the most developed, with approximately 40% of the world economy, hair blacks. But the UK has risen from the perspective of the next big.(guardian.co.uk/business/2005/aug/19/raceintheuk.lifeandhealth)

So in the end it is clear that the company with all the components mentioned above have a very clear competitive advantage, making the most of this growing multi-billion dollar industry.

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Cilmi & Caado - Qeybta 6aad

Cilmi iyo Caado หรือ ประเพณี VS. เปลี่ยน โดย Robert Tyabji และ Hobollada Waaberi - Waberi โรง. Dhibka bulsho oo า dhasha loolanka dhaqankii hore iyo cusub kan. Fikradda sheekada waxaa leh Allaale Yuusuf Aadan. Soo saaray Waxaa Salaad Yuusuf, Sooraan Nooriin, ยูนิเซฟ TV iyo Soomaaliya-JDS GA. ปัญหา เกี่ยว กับ พลเมือง ที่ ปรากฏ กลับ จรรยาบรรณ tratidional affray กับ การ เปลี่ยนแปลง ของ ความ ทันสมัย. Abstraction Story โดย Yusuf Adan Alale. ผลิต โดย สลัด Yusuf, Soran Norin, ยูนิเซฟ โซมาเลีย, SDR TV.


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Top destinations


The name Indonesia has its roots in two Greek words: Indo - importance of India and "Nesos" which means islands. This is an apt description of the archipelago, as estimated total of 17,508 islands are inhabited, of which only about 6,000, which extends for 5150 km between the Australian continent and Asia. The main islands are Sumatra, Kalimantan), Sulawesi, Irian Jaya) and, last but not least, Java. In the American capital,Jakarta, has a fascinating history and a great

Climate - Indonesia 's climate is definitely tropical. The main seasons summer, winter and monsoon season is the autumn and spring free.

Culture - Indonesia is rich in art and culture, religion and ancient traditions are intertwined. The guiding principles include the concepts of mutual assistance or "royong gotong. Religious influences, the community arefrom island to island. Indonesia is rich in culture with 250-300 different ethnic groups living here.

Graceful dances from the court and temple dances fascinating and play happily, the performing arts in Indonesia offer an incredible range of types and styles, famous shadow puppet.

Cuisine - Seafood a prominent place in the food fresh, salted, dried, smoked or a paste. Coconut is found everywhere. Ranges traditional staple foodcorn rice, tapioca, cassava, sweet potatoes.

Hot-spots "Indonesia is a mix of beaches, forests and urban population Amlapura s, Bali Barat National Park, Irian Jaya, Java, Jakarta, Baluran National Park, Karimunjawa islands, Kalimantan (Borneo), Gili Islands, Gunung Rinjani ( Mount Rinjani), Kuta, Pulau Bunaken, Rantepao, Tanatoraja, Sumatra, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (Great Bukit Barisan Forest Park), Harau Valley Village JanggaKerinci-Seblat National Park, Lingg Village, Medan Mentawai islands, caves Ngalau INDAH Ngarai Sianok (Sianok Canyon), Padang, Pandaan Beach, Pandi Sikat, Parapat Samos Island, Iceland Siberut, Sipis piso waterfall, Taman Hutan Raya Bung Hatta, and very more.


The Malay Peninsula has benefited from its central position in the maritime trade routes between China, India and the Middle East. E 'marked on the map that starts with a label that the translation as "GoldenChersonese ", the Straits of Malacca was a Sabaricus" sine. "The two parts of Malaysia, separated from the South China Sea, parts of a landscape largely similar in isolation, and that West and East coast of Malaysia has increased the levels of functionality often in dense forest hills and mountains. Putrajaya is the newly created administrative capital, whereas capital isKuala Lumpur. Georgetown, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Alor Sar, the bundles of Malacca, and the sounds areCity.

Climate - hot and humid all year round in Malaysia.

Culture - Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual, comprising 52% Malays and other indigenous tribes. With Malay, Chinese and Indians living side by side, music, art, food, dance, architecture and basic tag-to-life day, influenced by all three to some extent, so some of the most fascinating sounds' Asia as a whole, its sights and tastes. MalaysiaTraditional music is strongly influenced by Chinese and Islamic forms of influence, it is), especially around the base Gendang (drum, but also of other percussion instruments. The country has a strong tradition of dance and acting, some of Thai, Indian and Portuguese origin. Other artistic forms include wayang kulit (shadow puppet), silat () is a stylized martial arts.

Dining - There are a variety of spicy Malay Food, a seemingly endless variety of Chinese cuisine, exoticCuisine from the north and south India, as well as Nyonya and Portuguese specialties.

Hot Spot - Malaysia's love of Western style is evident in its major cities, offering Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malaysia, etc. Some of the most beautiful beaches, mountains and national parks in Asia. Cameron Highlands, Batu Caves, Lake Gardens, Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center, Taman Negara National Park.

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Superstition Indonesia

In this article we present a set of local "superstitions" in Indonesia on daily life and the meaning of the signs of nature.

Avoid sweeping the house at night, as this would make it difficult to attract good fortune.

Avoid sewing a button on your T-shirt wearing, and how this causes a serious disease, not long after that would last for about a month and you woud always fail in your efforts to earn money.

Avoid combimg hair while walking, asThey are embarrassing themselves in a situation.

Avoid using the bathroom too long because I think your face could be old.

Avoid a bath or shower during the afternoon hours, accelerating the aging process like this.

An unmarried woman should avoid washing their hair in a Saturday like this to lead to a hard to find people to marry.

If you have a piece of chilli cayena into a cup for no apparent reason, this is a sign that a disaster is about. Occur

If someone cooks is too salty, this is a sign that the person is love and wants to marry.

Avoid eating rice from a small disk, because this is your close relationships that cause you despise.

Avoid eating out of the corner of a table, as this can cause problems with in-laws and your marriage, causing a wreck.

Eating at the door, as this causes a difficulty finding a spouse.

Children should avoid moving placeshave the table for a meal like this to lead to a step father or mother.

Children should eat a lot of chicken wings, if we want to visit abroad.

If you have an ugly when you are relying on the house - not you! Since this is a sign that something catastrophic occur for some time.

Avoid building a house in the north as this cause, not for the acquisition of wealth of the owner.

Avoid building a house, where an open field, as this will causeProperty Spendrift be.

Avoid building a kitchen to the front door, as this would lead to pain and suffering because of money.

Avoid the construction of a garage behind the house, as always result in unfortunate circumstances.

Avoid building a wall as high as 2-3 meters around the house, as this would be stranded by a bankruptcy and business associates.

Avoid building a pool at home, as this leads to misfortune and members ofFamily will be alternately infested with diseases.

Avoid building a house without a back door when the occupants are always wrong physically.

During a move, you should get some 'of soil from the garden of the old house and dust around the new order to perpetuate the harmony established.

Avoid causing scratches his head while sexually intimate, as in the past and defamation of individuals.

Avoid sexual organsThe spouse during transport, as such a bad result for one week.

Avoid sexual contact starts from the seventh month pregnency as this means that the child is unfaithful and disrespectful towards the parents.

Avoid slaughtering an animal when your wife is, how will the child born with a scar on his neck because pregnent.

Avoid hunting or torturing an animal, if your pregnent wife as this could cause your child to ensure that resemble the animal.

AvoidDislike someone intensely while pregnent as this means that your child is abhorrent to the characteristics of the adopted person.

Do not laugh at a disabled person during pregnency as this could cause your baby to be born disabled.

Avoid keeping a spoon with the salt container during pregnency as this may cause difficulties during labor.

Avoid standing in front of the door at night during pregnancy, since this attack can lead to negative sentiment for the fetus.

Avoid wearingearrings are from the third month of pregnency as this, you cause to dream with her husband, while in reality it is a nightmare intimate press it.

A man should avoid dining chairs, as this will be the wife of difficulties at work.

It 'a shame if a guest suddenly the birth at home, as bad luck. It is advisable to move quickly to the house.

We recommend opening the windows and doors of your home, so thatYour wife is the birth without complications.

It is advisable to cross the placenta of the newborn child somewhere buried in the ground by the back door of the house, so that the child will never be.

It is advisable to drink coconut water during the final stages of pregnancy, so that the child will be born beautiful.

It is not recommended a coffin, where it already sunk into the ground, as this could lead to a serious illness for research.

It 'should not seeclosed in a coffin and is nailed, as this could cause bad luck for a year.

Isa and 'should avoid the face after escorting a coffin to the grave, in order to pursue the Spirit will wash the dead.

If a lamp is switched off in a room where the deceased was held before the burial, indicates that another family member soon will face death.

E 'ISA advisable for a pregnant mother of beautiful images, so that the child would be born to look good.

It isadvisable for a pregnant mother during pregnancy, is not sad, because this would cause the child to be born to be a whiner.

I usually do not bite the lower lip, as it brings bad luck.

Avoid usually biting her upper lip, as this lead many of monetary obligations in life.

Keep it behaved like this would cause parents to cry quickly departed.

Prevent the abuse of a child, as such to determine a later date to be abused by those of her husband.

AvoidSinging or whistling during a meal causes an error in the efforts.

Not to beat a child on the buttocks, as later to lead to sexually hyperactive and would cause a lot of internal problems.

Avoid the payment of night, as this would result in disgrace and failure.

Women should avoid drawing the hair of the eyebrows, as this result in frgidity and the difficulty in acquiring sexual satisfaction.

Avoid cleaning the earsNight as this would lead to bad luck.

You should avoid whistling often in their homes, as this would have negative drive to win.

Should be avoided, handkerchiefs, a lover, as this could cause a rupture in the relationship.

Avoid images with an odd number of people present, as the quick death of a result of them.

Avoid opening umbrellas in the house, as this could lead to difficulties in life.

Avoid wiping his face with a shirtThis would result in the indifference of others towards oneself.

Avoid onseself often happens in the mirror, as this would lead other countries to get bored and repulsed with one.

Avoid swimming looks to others, as this may cause the eyes to swell.

Avoid a meal before the elders have done, as this would result in disaster.

Do not cut your hair in a house in the night, as such units would be negative, which appears in a dream win.

Avoidwith red or green swimwear at the beach, as this result in the wearer of a bride or bridegroom to spirit beings (Incubus, succubus).

Avoid shouting or vulgar words, while in the forest or desert, as this would lead to being obsessed with themselves from negative entities.

When you begin menstruation until Sunday you can meet an old friend.

If you start a menstrual cycle early Monday luck.

When you begin menstruation at a Tuesday, earlyEnjoy the next few days.

When you begin menstruation at a Wednesday soon clash with someone.

When you begin menstruation at a Thursday will soon experience the unfortunate incidents and will be much suffering.

When you begin menstruation at a Friday you will soon have fun.

When you start a menstrual cycle Saturday, there will soon be a pleasant surprise.

When a dog howls at midnight: a visit to the ancestral spirits.

When a dog barks, as ifWeeping at midnight signifies death in the family

When a dog howls spirit after midnight hike in the local terrestrial means.

They say that blood is a black dog, which is able to hunt ghosts.

It is recommended to pregnant women to protect a pair of scissors under the pillow while sleeping position against psychic attack and black magic.

Do not urinate at the foot of large trees, as on the tree spirits and leadin possession of himself.

Avoid keeping the dust of the ground or a tomb, as this spirit to the grave in relation to the place where the soil is always reason to pursue.

Placing red onions, red pepper and turmeric in a bag and hung above the door protects the house and family against black magic people and negative.

If a cat licks a foot means that someone close to us is a godsend for purchase within a month.
If a bird finds its way into his home, a marriagefamily.

When a butterfly finds its way into one'shome a visit from a visit to high average.

Avoid a cat a bath, as this result in storms and hurricanes.

Carry hollowless the rare piece of bamboo for Ward-off black magic.

It is recommended that the desires of a state at a falling star, so that it would come true.

It is advisable to swim in a lake under a full moon, since this is a source of great attraction.

It is advisable to sleepafter midnight to avoid psychic attacks.

You should avoid sleeping on the floor to psychic attack.

It is advisable to keep sacred objects in the house to protect his family.

Copyright © 2006 Luxamore

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Arabic Jelq, an old tradition

The Jelqing Arabic (or Arabic Jelq) is an art very ancient Arabic. The name of Arab Jelq in the Middle East, where the fathers of their children for sex, giving them prepare for a massage technique penis (Jelqing), increased the size of the penis. The objective of the Arabic Jelq is to enlarge the penis by increasing blood pressure in the penis, with the goal of growing the most erect penis size.

Arabic Jelq, also known asmilked "by wrapping the thumb and forefinger around the base of the penis while semi-erect and repeatedly to force the blood in the forces of glands, thus promoting more blood in the corpus cavernosa and associated tissues. Arabic Jelq exercise is considered one of the best and most effective penis enlargement and in fact is the most widely practiced method of penis enlargement in the United States.

In the late '70s, Dr. Brian Richards, a very comprehensive research conducted oneffectiveness of the Arabic Jelq and his research was published by the British Journal of Sexual Medicine and showed extremely positive results for 87% of the group of tests. He demonstrated Arabic Jelq increased the penis length up to 1.4 inches and the circumference of up to 1 cm.

There are a variety of products in Arabic Jelq penis enlargement market, but you will find much of what they offer (instructions) for free on forums and websites. BeforeAt the beginning of a routine of penis enlargement, you should contact the person responsible Arabic Jelq.

Arabic Jelqing is typically preceded by heating with a hot towel on the genitals, and a warm down in the same way.

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